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Mr.Edward Ma

Corporate Responsibility Manager

MTR Corporation Limited

The Defender Studios’ talk has given our colleagues a different perspective in using and understanding body language for a better communication at workplace and family. It was a new fresh learning experience for most of our colleagues and we really appreciate Defender Studio’s hard work.

Ms. Cindy Fung

Program Manager


Kids4Kids got involved with Defender Studio's "Dance Leads Thought" workshop through our annual Powered By Youth Forum for students aged 12-17. Defender managed to connect with the students right away, creating an environment where even the quietest kids laughed, moved, and enjoyed themselves. The larger message of the workshop was relevant to kids as much as to adults: that the way we carry ourselves can express positivity or negativity, and it is up to us to adjust our thoughts and body language to create a supportive atmosphere for the people we interact with.

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